Texas Umbrellas

Convertible shading umbrellas for Fort Worth

Fort Worth is the second-biggest city in North Texas and home to many multinational corporations and major art collections. Its new showpiece opened in November 2013: the Sundance Square Plaza. Thanks to the convertible shading umbrellas developed by SL Rasch, this public space can be used day and night and is largely unaffected by the weather situation.

The four umbrellas are the first permanent lightweight structures that SL Rasch has developed for a US location. Their distinctive, sculptural character harmonises with the surrounding architecture. During the day, the white membranes look like weightless vaults that provide protection from the hot Texan sun. At night, an LED system with changing colours transforms them into fascinating light sculptures

Versatile lightweight structures

During the day, the four deployed umbrellas look like weightless vaults.