SL Rasch GmbH

Optimal solutions for outstanding lightweight architecture

SL Rasch GmbH is an architecture and engineering practice whose work centres on the planning and implementation of innovative lightweight architecture. Our multinational and interdisciplinary team of architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and computer experts plans and builds structures that are successfully used as convertible shading roofs for outdoor spaces all over the world, with a special emphasis on large-format umbrellas.

In particular, SL Rasch has received international acclaim for the design and implementation of the Medina Piazza Shading Project in Saudi Arabia. The biggest convertible shading roof on the planet consists of 250 funnel-shaped umbrellas and shades a total area of 150,000 square metres – an unparalleled and highly innovative solution on an urban scale.

Ever since Dr Mahmoud Bodo Rasch founded the company in Stuttgart in 1980, SL Rasch has been raising fundamental questions about the development of holistic and individual solutions for new construction projects. Continuous research and the ongoing optimisation of scientific methods serve as the basis for the design and construction of convertible lightweight structures that include both permanent and mobile solutions.

In order to identify the objectively best solutions for the individual brief, we elaborate, compare and optimise alternative concepts in an iterative scientific process. We aspire to enhance people’s quality of life and comfort using the smallest possible amount of materials and energy – both in the private domain and in public urban spaces.

Management Board

Mustafa Rasch

Chief Executive Officer

Jürgen Bradatsch

Head of Design & Engineering

Steffen Huber

Chief Financial Officer


Hassan Abbasi, Akram Al Assadi, Hadil Al-Bataineh, Hosam AlSofi, Tarek Annan, Melanie Augustin, Jürgen Bradatsch, Hamdiya Cebe, Fatmir Fetaji, Dennis Geldec, Johannes Haberkorn, Nadia Hadj Youssefova, Jung Ik Hong, Steffen Huber, Britto Irudayaraj, Christine Kanstinger, Felix Koch, Benjamin Kullen, Timo Leucht, Anas Nassar, Sebastian Otto, Nagihan Ozan, Simon Pfrommer, Dr. Shahriar Piroozram, Maxim Pok, Ilda Ramovic, Dzemal Ramovic, Mustafa Rasch, Nevin Rasch, Fadl Rezk, Katharina Philana Rindtorff, Mehmet Sahin, Philipp Schäfer, Björn Scharf, Stefan Schöne, Anne Schult, Amir Shahzad, Umut Soyyigit, Julia Stumpf, Diem Tran, Christian Wagner

Former employees and partners

Faruk Aksoy, Dr. Bernes Alihodzic, Basel Al Lababidi, Ghazi Armoot, Ramzi Bacha, Guenter Bartsch, Torben Beeg, Petar Bejic, Mehdi Benhadj-Djilali, Jay Bonner, Bensalem Bouabdallah, Regine Bühler, Michael Conrad, Harald Voigt, Stefano Delisi, Abdel Bar Derkaoui, Sonja Endmeier, Jakob Frick, Bernhard Gawenat, Gerhard Giesse, Markus Gillmann, Fedor Gouverneur, Stefan Hähnlein, Heike Haker, Dr. Eberhard Haug, Rainer Holzapfel, Reinhold Kollmar, Georg Krüger, Hans Laun, Hans Lohner, Dr. Rainald Löhner, Martin Luccarelli, Gerhard Luckner, Peter Malauschek, Dr. Alex Michalski, Georgios Mouroussidis, Dr. Frei Otto, Peter Pätzold, Martin Pfänder, Dr. Roland Pietsch, Dr. Bodo Rasch, Achmed Rasch, Khairallah Sadiq, Ahmed Sahmoud, Felix Sauter, Jochen Schilling, Günther Schnell, Walter Spanagel, Daud Sutton, Iris Treffinger, Arshed Badr Eldin.