Jürgen Bradatsch

Senior Architect

Jürgen Bradatsch is Senior Architect at SL Rasch. He completed his studies in architecture at the Institute of Lightweight Structures at Stuttgart University and graduated with Prof. Dr. Frei Otto on a thesis for large span, mobile membrane halls in 1984. In the following year, he started his collaboration with him at the Atelier Warmbronn. In 1985, Jürgen Bradatsch joined the architectural office of Dr. Bodo Rasch where he started his research work on the climatic comfort effects of convertible roofs while designing the first retractable solar powered umbrellas in 1986. In close collaboration with Dr. Bodo Rasch and Frei Otto, Jürgen Bradatsch advanced to be an expert in designing lightweight structures. Under his artistic way of leadership, the focus is on improving people’s quality of life through innovative concepts of lightweight architecture in harmony with the natural environment.