Royal Terminal

Shading umbrellas and tent roof for Jeddah Airport

King Abdulaziz International Airport first opened in 1982 and was expanded in 2014. A new, separate terminal was constructed for the royal family and state visits. Based on the development of the piazza umbrellas in Medina, SL Rasch designed two square shading umbrellas with a side length of almost 29 metres. The radial segments of the membrane in green fabric echo the colour of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s flag.


In addition to the umbrellas, SL Rasch also designed a tent roof for the entrance hall. The 40 x 40 metre membrane is fitted with an exclusive LED lighting system that cleverly combines both direct and indirect light sources. Equipped with 900 LED pendant lights, it underscores the elegant effect of the ceiling membrane. The ornamentation resembles that of the umbrellas and is based on the rules of the Fibonacci spiral. In combination with the deep blue of the tent vault, it creates the impression of a night sky glowing with stars.

The centrepiece of the space is a chandelier made of specially cut glass prisms that distribute the light throughout the room and create a pleasant ambience. The overall effect is a harmonious combination of a traditional formal vocabulary and contemporary design. The innovative lighting system was developed in collaboration with Bartenbach LichtLabor GmbH.