Stuttgart Casino

New forecourt with umbrella roof

Stuttgart’s Spielbank casino wanted to mark its 20th birthday by giving the forecourt a new look: a contemporary eyecatcher that gives visitors an idea of what to expect inside. SL Rasch designed a spectacular 14-metre-high wall of gold-coated stainless steel panels that was implemented in collaboration with the firm Design-to-Production. In front of it stands a circular membrane roof supported by a central mast – and inspired by Arne Jacobsen’s iconic mushroom-like petrol station from the 1930s. The faceted stainless steel element at the lower end of the funnel-shaped umbrella triggers associations with a diamond. At night, 18 integrated LED lights bathe the forecourt and membrane in a pleasant light. The exposed concrete furnishings under the canopy provide an elegant and comfortable outdoor seating area for breaks between games.

Golden wall with 3D effect

In keeping with Robert Venturi’s 1972 motto “Learning from Las Vegas”, the goal was to bring a hint of American casino glamour to the Stuttgart establishment using relatively simple means.