Schlossplatz Stuttgart

Umbrella concept for an event canopy

Thanks to its central location, Schlossplatz Square in Stuttgart has often been used for major events over the years, including city festivals, pop concerts and screenings. Up to 70,000 people gather on the parade ground in front of the cour d’honneur of the Neues Schloss palace. However, the weather conditions often cause disruption.

SL Rasch therefore submitted a proposal to the state capital: the suggestion was to equip the square with four funnel-shaped umbrellas standing in deep ground sockets. In the event of rain – or intense sunshine – the umbrellas’ telescopic arm system would open them hydraulically within just five minutes. Overlapping the shading umbrellas would provide 6,000 square metres of rainproof protection without impairing the historical character of the site. Thanks to their 46-metre span, the large umbrellas would not obstruct the view of the historical facades even when deployed. At the same time, the flexible textile architecture would make it largely unnecessary for event organisers to set up temporary structures of their own.