Convertible Umbrella

Prototype of an umbrella with a folding arm system

In 1988, SL Rasch developed the prototype of a convertible umbrella as a study for the potential shading system on the large piazza around the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. This was the first umbrella with a folding arm system, and its mechanism permits a maximum span of more than 12 metres. The structure is designed for wind speeds of up to 155 miles per hour – in both deployed and folded position. An anemometer ensures the umbrella is prevented from opening or closing when a strong wind is blowing. After being temporarily installed in front of the UN building in San Francisco (USA), the prototype now stands on private property in Germany.

Innovative mechanism

The prototype was the first umbrella by SL Rasch with a folding arm system.

Unvarying height

If the arms fold up as the umbrella closes, its overall height remains unchanged.