Temporary Mataf Ring Structure

Provisional circular bridge for pedestrians

Every year, millions of people come to Mecca in the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The pilgrims end their journey with the Tawaf, a ritual in which they circle the holy Kaaba seven times. The temporary Mataf ring structure ensures the huge crowds can be managed while the mosque complex is being expanded. The two-storey, barrier-free bridge encircles the Kaaba and provides access to the Great Mosque via a gangway. To ensure greater safety and comfort for the pilgrims, the first floor is reserved for the sick, the elderly and wheelchair users.

The unique structure is made entirely of carbon fibre composite and meets the highest standards of German engineering. The circular frame provides maximum load capacity at minimum weight, is extremely stiff and vibration-free. The entire structure can be assembled and dismantled in just a few days without the need for heavy machinery. The understated design is in keeping with the special significance of this holy place.


SL Rasch designed all the components for the ring bridge based on the results of intense research and development work. Custom-developed programs were used to simulate the movements of large crowds and factor in potential problems during the planning phase.