M.O.M.R.A. Garden Tent

Two-mast tent in a Riyadh park

This classic two-mast tent stands in the park-like garden of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in Riyadh and provides a shady space for rest periods and receptions. The traditional gardens are structured by waterways and were created in the course of Muhammad Al Shaikh’s appointment as minister. SL Rasch was commissioned to implement a tent structure for the gardens of the ministry, which was under construction at the time. Whereas the middle of the contoured Teflon-coated membrane rests on two large masts, the corners are supported by mid-height masts around the perimeter so as to preserve the continuity of the garden space. Thanks to the tent’s well-chosen position in this garden oasis, climbing plants now twine around the filigree masts towards the openings that supply the space with light and air. This underscores the positive effect of the nearly 600 square metres of shade.