Al-Hussein Mosque

Shading roof for the forecourt

The Al-Hussein Mosque in Cairo is one of the holiest places in Egypt. Its forecourt was equipped with three large shading umbrellas, positioned so that they correspond with the pilasters of the historical facade and their tops are level with its cornice. They provide welcome shade during Friday Prayer or when pilgrims flock to the mosque to celebrate the annual Mawlid festival in honour of the Prophet’s grandson Hussein. Integrated lighting in the marble-clad umbrella supports illuminates the forecourt at night. The convertible shading roof preserves the architectural significance of the mosque’s facade within the cityscape while simultaneously preventing the interior from overheating.

Design based on straight arm system

Four diagonal arms are each connected with two passive and four middle arms. The surface tensions are transmitted to the fittings on the steel frame of the umbrella by peripheral and radial belts and cables.