Nature Kindergarten Tübingen-Derendingen

Yurt tent with membrane canopy

The modular building system of Living Circles GmbH, which is based on traditional nomad tents, makes it possible to realize high-quality natural kindergartens and educational facilities of all kinds flexibly and in line with individual requirements. SL Rasch supported the design process of the yurt tents with its engineering services and profound knowledge in tent structures.

LivingCircles is an interdisciplinary company that develops nature-based and holistic educational space concepts. It combines proven building principles with innovative technologies and uses sustainable materials. The rooms are available in various sizes and configurations and, thanks to their variable interior design, can be adapted to a wide range of needs or retrofitted.


SL Rasch took over the engineering for the concept of the dual yurt, a modular room system. This included the structural engineering as well as site-specific static calculations taking into account the ground, wind and snow conditions. In addition, an optional canopy system was developed to cover the entrance area. This consists of a silicone-coated glass fiber membrane with a wooden substructure, which is connected to the yurt via specially provided connection points and protects against sun, rain and snow. SL Rasch is also responsible for finding the shape and cutting the membranes for the canopy and the roofing of the yurt itself.

The dual yurt can be erected in a very short time with just a few tools and is intended as part of a closed-loop system that contributes to a positive ecological footprint through water treatment and power generation, among other things.

LivingCircles_yurt_water supply