City Garden

Lightweight architecture in a cultural context

In line with the competition brief, the design for the city garden in Suncheon focuses on regenerating the site while preserving both its cultural character and a protected tree that grows there. The south-facing grounds are connected with the old part of the city and feature a new, landscaped path that takes its direction from the protected tree.

The organic landscaping in the northern part of the garden gradually gives way to a more geometrically inspired design as you head south. One area of the grounds has an outdoor exhibition space and event plaza and is partially covered by umbrellas to provide a sheltered space for public events. This area also contains two large sunken gardens that are connected with the exits of an underground station that serves a shopping mall. In good weather, they double as an open-air cinema or outdoor stage.

The entrance to the city garden is marked by the new Yeonja-ru pavilion. It echoes traditional Korean architecture and provides access to the reinvigorated historical quarter where the old Yeonja-ru once stood. The design visualises the potential applications of advanced lightweight design by SL Rasch in a historical cultural context.

Natural inspiration

The gentle curvature of the umbrellas is inspired by the lotus leaf. Thanks to their textile covering, they create a pleasantly soft light. The umbrellas also double as funnels for collecting rainwater.