Market Umbrellas as Weather Protection for Public Open Spaces

Convertible Umbrella Structures as the Optimal Solution

Improving the microclimatic situation of public spaces is a concern for many cities and municipalities. Shading measures can make urban spaces more pleasant and attractive, integrate themselves into their surroundings, even enhance their appearance and invite people to linger. Convertible umbrellas are the ideal solution for these requirements.

Market umbrellas or such as for restaurants are indispensable in many places due to the climatic conditions. If you want to welcome guests or the public in places that are exposed to the weather, you need to offer protection. Whether on market squares, in restaurants, parks or on waterfront promenades – the comfort and well-being of those who visit these places must be the top priority.
The design of public spaces in particular is often complex and controversial. However, if the aim is not just to make spaces available, but to make them truly usable and lively, these places need to be rethought. The desirable state is to create a pleasant atmosphere and integrate community-building measures. In order to be able to enjoy outdoor activities of any kind, be it leisure activities, weekly market shopping or festivals, first and foremost protection from the weather is needed. Mobile or convertible solutions that can be used flexibly and depending on the weather are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Shading concept for Stuttgart market square

Retractable umbrellas as weather protection

Umbrella structures can fulfil these requirements perfectly and serve as protection against all weather influences throughout the seasons. On summer days, the membrane roof protects against heat and UV radiation and reduces the actual and perceived temperature; on cooler days, heat can be stored under the sunshade roof. Thanks to the waterproof membrane, people are also protected from the rain. Our umbrellas for the market, gastronomy or public areas not only impress with their improvement of the microclimatic situation at the respective location, but also with their perfectly coordinated size, low maintenance requirements, durability and high degree of customisation in terms of colour, pattern, light or cold air fans. The market umbrellas can be arranged in any number, individually or in groups, can shade any size of area required and can be controlled automatically. The folding arm system significantly reduces the length of the folded umbrella arms, which means that the umbrellas can be opened or closed without disturbing people sitting underneath.

Umbrellas for the restaurant sector

Folding arm system for flexible applications

The quality of life in cities is largely dependent on the design of public spaces. These can and should be centres of urban life and have a positive effect on the urban atmosphere, they can unite generations and be a place for meetings, cultural events, rest and relaxation. An attractive and comfortable design promotes the use of these areas and attracts locals and tourists alike. The surrounding shops and retailers also benefit from a more lively environment. Urban planning must prioritise the careful design of urban spaces if it is to benefit from their direct use and indirect effects. Well-planned urban areas should be versatile and can become characteristic places that enrich the cityscape. Umbrellas can contribute to this not only functionally, but also as landmarks. Individually designed, adaptable and durable shading solutions therefore pay off in the long term.

Convertible umbrellas at Sundance Square Plaza in Fort Worth, Texas

They give the place a special and individual character