Advanced Engineering

Following natural laws – eliminating arbitrariness

With our interdisciplinary team of architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and computer experts, we develop optimal solutions that combine form and function, aesthetics and technology, art and science. Our lightweight architecture finds its form in self-determining processes that follow natural laws and exclude arbitrariness.

Lightweight, wide-span structures are highly susceptible to wind loads. The need for a profound understanding of wind and structural dynamics and decades of research have made SL Rasch a pioneer in wind engineering. Design-related and economic aspects on the one hand and modern, high-strength materials on the other are constantly pushing the limits of what is technically feasible. We have verified highly complex computational fluid dynamics models by means of physical tests, such as wind tunnel trials and extensive field experiments. This enables us to use fluid-structure interaction simulation as a design and engineering tool.

Design in harmony with natural laws

The scientific design approach SL Rasch takes to its work is applied to the use of materials as well: fine grain steel, for instance, is four times stronger than ordinary structural steel, permitting very slender umbrella arms and compact details.